Who’s Bianca Dragomir?

After the break, we have had the chance to hear a very inspirational conference about what and why clusters need to change.

Bianca Dragomir is the European Cluster Manager of the Year 2016 and Director General of AVAESEN Cluster in Spain. Now she’s Member of the European High Level Industrial Roundtable ‘Industry 2030’.

The 7 stepping stones for Clusters of Change

During her speech Bianca Dragomir shows us 7 stepping stones for clusters to be ready for change:

  1. open: enhance collaboration inside and outside the cluster/regional/national boundaries
  2. innovation-driven ecosystems: entrepreneurship in the core (cf. China and its champions). Europe develops a new style of champions
  3. inter-connected: in Europe and beyond (clusters take innovations into the market, are the market. From start-ups to scale-ups. Connecting regions, SSS…)
  4. cross-sectoral and interregional collaboration
  5. mission-oriented: clusters at the core of Europe (industrial modernization)
  6. reskilling and upskilling the workforce
  7. SDG (sustainable development goals)-driven: alliances for accelerating SDG

This speech was very one of the most inspiring speeches that we might have heard (especially for future cluster managers like us).

And you? What is your favorite stepping stone? What do you think about the 7 stepping stones? Let us know on the comments!


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