Plenty of exchanges during the Breakout Session 3 on #SharedValue and #SocialImpact!

The attendees have discussed the potential added value of #SocialEnterprises to clusters (and vice-versa).

Inspiring success stories from Italy, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Spain and Croatia. “Thanks to collaboration of social economy, Lapland is moving from an “egosystem” to an “ecosystem”!” (Mervi Nikander, Regional Council of Lapland).

Important debates dealing with facilitating the integration of #SocialEconomy, new #BusinessModels and #Governance into High-level clusters.

A lot of ideas, but a common conviction: “Social enterprises have a chance to lead the ecosystems of the future, as they are all moving towards a #KnowledgeBased #Competitiveness model”. (Silvano Bertini, Emilia-Romagna Region)

#ECC2019 #EUcluster2019


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