Presentation of the speakers

To introduce the Circular Change in the practical field, we had the chance to hear the experience of two Cluster Managers.

Luca Donelli (Italy) Luca is currently President (2017-20) of Lombardy Energy & Cleantech Cluster as well as member of Confindustria General Committee.

Kristiina Jokelainen (Finland) Kristiina works in Lapland, Finland. International relations and S3 Implementation, Regional Council of Lapland, Partner in the Arctic Industry and Circular economy Cluster.

After they show us how to introduce sustainability in a Cluster and answer some questions about their activity, a panel of 4 speakers from different fields and countries added more informations

Christiane Egger (Austria) Cluster manager Cleantech-Cluster Energy and Deputy Manager of the OÖ Energiesparverband, the energy agency of Upper Austria.

Carlo Cuijpers (Netherlands) Advisor for various industry associations, chambers of commerce and other SME support organisations – helping them to set-up support programmes on circular economy.

Francesc Ribera Grau (Spain) Cluster manager at Clúster de l’Energia Eficient de Catalunya.

Aida Szilagyi (Romania) Senior Expert and Chair of National Centre for Sustainable Production and Consumption.

What we can learn about Circular Economy ?

  • The circular economy is not an industry. It is a process that must be included in the all value chain of an activity
  • The sustainability must be introduce for each company in the value chain with different changes, that must be specific to each member of the value chain
  • Be careful about how a company produce its goods
  • Everyone should try their best to become the best in his specialization
  • More than just sparing energy, we have to find solutions to manage secondary elements to be more efficient
  • To be recognize by the national scale, we have to show the impact of the sustainability on the national economy
  • To create a strategy plan on sustainability, we have to consider the other associations (outside the cluster)

Learn more about Circular Change

If you want to learn more about this topic, I recommend you to visit the website of each cluster mentioned in this article.

Christiane Egger is also the conference director of the World Sustainable Energy Days. The next event is in 4 – 6 March, 2020 in Wells (Austria). If you want to participate, just check on the website of the event :


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