The reporters

Judith Lenhart

Hallo, I am Judith Lenhart, 25 years old and European of German nationality. During my bachelor’s degree in European Studies and a voluntary service for a foundation, I found out that I enjoy bringing people together and getting them enthusiastic about a common project. The #clustermanagement master’s degree provides the theoretical basis to build bridges between professional communities and regions.

I am doing an internship at microTEC Suedwest e.V. (Freiburg im Breisgau/Germany), a competence and cooperation network for intelligent microsystems technology solutions. We want to expand competence and capacities in the cluster and pool them in creative cooperation and innovation processes. In order to remain competitive, we must face the challenges of #Digitalisation and the #ShortageOfSkilledWorkers. I am very interested to see which ideas cluster managers from across Europe have developed to tackle these issues.

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Andrea Ingusci

Ciao! My name is Andrea Ingusci, I am 23 and I come from Italy. I have lived in Strasbourg, France (the European capital!) for five years.

After a bachelor’s degree in Germanic Foreign Languages, I realised I wanted to specialise in project management and innovation networks: this is why I applied for the master’s degree in Cluster Management!

I am currently working for the association Entreprendre Pour Apprendre, French version of the worldwide network Junior Achievement, aiming at providing education programmes for entrepreneurship and work readiness.

As for this year’s conference, the topics I am most interested in are #SharedValue, #SocialImpact and the #ClusterManager’s role.

Looking forward to reporting here the best of the European Cluster Conference 2019!

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Romain Duchon

Salut ! My Name is Romain Duchon, I’m 23 years old. I’ve lived in Strasbourg for now 4 years and I’m French. After a Bachelor degree in Applied Foreign Languages (German and English), I wanted to discover more about the world of entrepreneurship and companies, that’s why I decided to enter the Master Cluster Management in Strasbourg.

Son of SME-owners and always curious about how to develop a company and develop its network, I’m now working for incubators in Strasbourg. My work is to keep the network of our incubators as good as well and help the companies incubated in their daily issues. The topics which interest me the most for this conference are the #Start-up and #Innovation.

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